Personalized Invitations


Once we have received payment in full for your special event with our Games2Go Mobile Video Game Theater, we will email out your choice of personalized invitations for your special day! You will receive a PDF version with 4 invitations on a page in case you want to mail out your invitations, as well as a JPEG version of your invitation for emailing or posting to social media.

Let us know which of these options you would like for your invitations and if there is some special wording you would like on yours; you can even put your choice and comments in the notes section when booking, if you prefer.

Option 1:


Option 2:


Option 3:


Option 4:


Option 5:


Option 6:


Option 7:


Option 8:


Option 9:


Option 10:


Option 11:


Option 12:


Option 13:


Option 14:


Option 15:


Option 16:


Option 17:


Option 18:


Option 19:


Option 20:


Option 21:


Option 22:


Option 23:


Option 24:


Option 25:


Option 26:


Option 27:


Option 28:

Option 29:

Option 30:

Option 31:

Option 32:

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